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Working at Heights (Ontario)

50 minutes


Working at heights can expose a worker to fall hazards, which frequently result in severe injuries or fatalities. Statistics tell us that 60 workers are injured from falls each day in Canada, and falls account for over 8% of workplace related fatalities.


Course participants will understand:


  • The relevant legislation, regulations and standards
  • The various controls and equipment that can be implemented for a fall protection program
  • Various forms of fall protection
  • The applications of fall protection systems
  • The proper use of scaffolds and lifts
  • How to wear, inspect and care for fall protection equipment.


Workers required to wear fall arrest equipment MUST take training that includes practical use and hands-on instruction of the fall arrest equipment and systems.


NOTE:  At this time, the Ministry of Labour requires an approved provider for a 'Working at Heights' training program for all workers within the construction industry.While we are not a training provider of that nature, our Working at Heights (Ontario) online course remains a valid mode of instruction for basic awareness of legislation, regulations, elements of a fall protection program, etc. for workers in Ontario who are not involved in the construction sector. 


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