At Wellnet Solutions, we work with you to determine your needs and then implement

custom e-solutions that will increase efficiency, streamline compliance and promote

improved workplace health and safety.

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Online Health and Safety Training



All of the courses offered through Link2eLearning provide a visually stimulating desktop learning environment. These online courses can be taken anytime and anywhere there is Internet access - and since courses are self-paced, participants can start, stop or pause at any time - offering flexibility to meet individual schedules.




Participants can self-register and have access to printable certificates and exportable transcripts

BULLET Administrators can customize course invitations, track participant progress, produce various exportable reports, and batch print certificates

It's about your business - your team - your needs... so we'll help make it your designer course!


While any course from our library is customizable, Wellnet can also work with you to develop custom course content either from scratch or using base generic material. We can also convert your existing program formats (e.g. PowerPoint) into a vibrant online environment

Power-up your learning potential!


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Online Contractor Document
Management System


Link2CDMS is an online portal specifically designed for receiving any and all necessary certifications from potential contractors or service providers as well as communicating with applicants and existing contractors regarding the status of their employment approval.  Key features include:


Administrator access to uploaded certifications/documentation as well as notifications regarding expiration dates

BULLET Contractor interface for completion of module questionnaires and viewing of approval status


With extensive customizable elements, this e-service is designed to help companies reduce their risks by ensuring that potential contractors or service providers are qualified and prepared to do the job with the right training and the right plan in place to ensure safe, efficient work practices. 


Because everybody matters
in your workplace!

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