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Customer Service Standard Orientation

25 minutes


1 in 7 Ontarians have a disability, visible or non-visible and that number is expected to rise by 2036. Everyone benefits from Accessibility; it is good business sense and allows people of all abilities to participate fully in everyday life.


Under AODA, The Accessibility Standards for Customer Service came into force in Ontario in 2008. The standard is aimed at making customer service operations accessible to people with disabilities and applies to all organizations that provide goods or services, either to the public or to other businesses, and have one or more employees in Ontario.


This orientation has been developed to address the training obligation under The Accessibility Standards for Customer Service and is designed to provide an awareness of AODA and the standard and it examines:


  • Why accessibility is important
  • The existence and purpose of accessibility standards
  • Types of disabilities
  • Existing barriers to accessibility
  • How to provide accessible customer service



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