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COVID-19 Pandemic - Safe Return to Work

40 minutes


The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) became a global pandemic in 2020 and has affected almost every society through lockdown procedures as well as ongoing measures to reduce or eliminate the possibility of spreading the infection. As various nations and regions within each nation have strategized ways in which to re-initiate their economies, education systems and other institutions there has been an ongoing need for adjusted policies and procedures.


Even as new information continues to be released regarding COVID-19 it is critical to the management of this pandemic to train workers about new ways of conducting business so that everyone’s best interests are being pursued.


Who Should Take This Course?

This program provides important information regarding the policies, strategies and procedures that will assist workplaces to resume operation in the wake of or continued risk of a viral pandemic situation. It contains additional information that is particularly relevant to educational institutions.


Course Outline

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand:

  • Key issues related to COVID-19 pandemic planning and emergency preparedness
  • Roles and responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Risk assessment and the screening process
  • Various work practice controls including:
    • Physical distancing
    • Common surfaces cleaning
    • Proper use of personal protective equipment (or PPE)
    • Effective hygiene etiquette including hand/cough and sneeze etiquette.




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